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These products smell and feel wonderful and they seem to get the recipes right, as They work amazingly well. Please keep up the good work!

Laura Boukouvalas
Verified Customer

I love all the products by @pavanito. It's hard to pick one that's my favourite. I have tried and tested so many products considering I have a sensitive skin and I always like to use the best one for my clients too. I don't really review on products but this one I had to since I do recommend all my clients aswell to keep it all natural as a base and how to takecare of their skin before and after makeup. Keep up the good work and keep brining all the new products since I literally own everything from your line.

P.s: Thanks for always giving sincere advice to your clients.

Kiran Khalid
Verified Customer - Founder kkatelier

Great refreshing face wash and shampoo bar. Shampoo bar still gets the hair nice and foamy. Can’t wait to try more of the products!

Beverlee Asuncion
Verified Customer

AMAZING products ... Pavanito you are a genuine star with a heart of gold ready, willing and able to help anyone looking for natural skincare and health. Highly recommend his products to all 

Sonia Pollifrone
Verified Customer